Grade levels: Eight- may be modified for grades 6/7 or 9/10

Lesson Objective: The Learner Will Be Able To:

Reflect on the Duke of Abruzzi’s climb through questions and answers on an imaginary talk show.


  • Internet access
  • Recording devise- either cassette or using a computer program
Lesson Process:

(5 minutes) Begin the class by showing a 3 minute cut from a popular talk show. Discuss what makes a talk show successful, and write a list of positive attributes.

(3 Minutes) Explain that for this lesson, and perhaps a few to follow, the students will be working on producing their own talk show, with the guest of the day being The Duke of Abruzzi. Below are the guidelines for this lesson project.

In partners, the students will replicate a talk show- one being the host/hostess and the other will dress up as the Duke of Abruzzi.

The project will include:
  • Title page- includes partner’s names, and name of the Talk Show
  • Interview Script and Recording
  • Presentation
Once the partners have decided who will play which role, the students will need to write out the script.
It needs to include:
  • An introduction to the Talk Show- the name of the show, the host and guest’s names, and perhaps a little “jingle” for the beginning of the show.
  • A list of at least ten question for the Duke of Abruzzi. These must include factual questions, demonstrating knowledge of the Duke, as well as empathetic questions- i.e. how the Duke felt during the assent and descent, etc.
  • A list of answers must be completed ahead of time
Conclusion- a wrap-up of the show, the theme song( jingle), and mention what will be on next week’s show

Recording the show

Before the class presentation, each group must prerecord their show. This can be done on cassette, or using a computer program.


Now it is time for “action”. The groups will have ten minutes to present their talk show to their peers! Remind them to be enthusiastic, make good eye contact will the audience, and have fun!