Grade levels: 8, but may be modified for 6/7 or 8/9

Lesson Objective: The Learner Will Be Able To
  1. compose a simple informal letter
  2. use the appropriate conventions and style when writing a letter
  3. correctly address an envelope
  • Computer with internet access
  • Projector
  • Sample informal letters

*** has informal letter writing structure.

Lesson Process:
  • Begin by reading a couple of formal letters, and then show them on the overhead.
  • Next, put on a formal letter template, and begin filling it out to the Duke of Abruzzi.
  • The students will then continue writing their letters to the Duke of Abruzzi expressing their thoughts about his climb, and his life.
  • This letter is to be no longer than two pages
  • Once completed, students will type their letters on a word processor, print them and put them in a correctly addressed envelope.