Section One – True/False

***IF you answer is false, you must provide the correct answer.

1. Mt. St. Elias is the tallest mountain in the St. Elias range. T/F
If false, the correct answer is :

2. By the age of six, The Duke of Abruzzi had become a sailor in the Italian navy, and commanded his own ship by twenty. T/F
If false, the correct answer is :

3. Before the age of twenty, the Duke had already climbed five mountains. T/F
If false, the correct answer is :

Section Two - Short Answer

1.What is the Duke of Abruzzi best known for?

2.In what year did the Duke successfully climb Mt. St. Elias?

3.Their meals did not have a lot of variety, list five things they may have had to eat.

4.How much weight were the packers expected to carry?

Section Three - Long Answer

1. In one paragraph, thoroughly describe one day of the ascent, beginning from dawn, and ending as sleep takes over.

2. You are the Duke, today you stood on the summit of Mt. St. Elias, only to discover that there is a taller mountain. In 10 – 15 sentences, write a journal entry explaining and describing how you feel.