Answer the following questions using as much detail as possible.

1. What was the “Little Ice Age”? When did it begin? When did it end?

2. What was the name of the ice sheet that effected the Southern Yukon?

3. What does the current rate of glacial decay suggest about the rate of global warming?

4. Describe the influence of the Earth’s axis on glaciation:

5. How do glaciers form?

6. What is névé?

7. What is firn?

8. What are crevasses?

9. What are bergshrunds?

10. Describe the effect of glaciation on sea levels and why this is important:

11. Describe how glaciologists can conduct research to find out about past glaciations.
What methods are used? What kind of information can be obtained?

12. What is an alpine glacier?

13. What is a continental glacier?

14. What is an ice cap?

15. What is an outlet glacier?

16. What is a U-shaped valley and how are they created?

17. What is a cirque and how is it created?

18. How do glaciers move?

19. What are glacial striations?

20. What are erratics?

21. What is till?

22. What is a moraine?

23. What kinds of moraines are there? How are they created?

24. What is glacial polish?

25. What are chatter marks?

26. What are drumlins?