Grade levels: 7-10

Lesson Objective: The Learner Will Be Able To:
  1. incorporate all that they have learned about maps to create a topographical map of their own “island mountain”.
  • modelling clay (you can find recipes for this on the internet)
  • cardboard for bases.
  • Plain paper
  • Pencils
  • Rulers
Lesson Process:

1. It’s amazing how much people love to play with modelling clay! Even the most mature teenager has trouble resisting the draw to create. Here is their chance! For the first step in this activity, students are given modelling clay and a cardboard base. The base will be the ocean, and the students get to make their own mountainous island on it. Encourage them to play while they sculpt!

2. Now, they must create a map of their island. They must decide on an appropriate scale, and what the scale of their model is. They must set up their map with longitudinal and latitudinal references on the sides. They must write the scale on the map. They must decide what interval of contour lines they will choose to appropriately and reasonably represent their mountain on the map. Finally, they must begin to map their mountain.

3. Make sure that you circulate constantly. This is a tricky assignment, and students may need a lot of support. Encourage students to colour their maps, and to work neatly. Give them more time if they need it. Use positive reinforcement if they start to get frustrated.

4. Display the mountains and maps in a prominent location, either in the classroom or in the school.