Grade levels: 7-10

Lesson Objective: The Learner Will Be Able To:
  1. identify points on a topographic map
  2. use knowledge of latitude and longitude to discuss locations on a map
  3. find points on a map using coordinates


  • 8 x 11 photocopies of the section of Topo map 115 B and 115 C, 1:250,000 which contains Mount Logan. Make a lot of extra copies in case some groups play very quickly.
  • Blue, Red, Yellow and Green pens or pencil crayons.
  • Lined paper for scoring/handing in.

Lesson Process:

1. Describe the game to students as follows:

“I am handing you photocopies of a section of the topographic map we have been using to discuss Mount Logan. We are going to play a game entitled “Rescue the Climbers”, in which you will use coordinates of latitude and longitude to find stranded climbers in the Mount Logan area. You must relay those coordinates to the helicopter pilot and rescue team, who are awaiting your information. You gain one point for each climbing team you rescue.

To play, you must keep your map and your piece of lined paper hidden from your opponent. Using your blue pen, you will mark ten secret locations on your map, and number them from 1-10. On your lined paper, put your name, the date, and the title “Rescue the Climbers Game Results”. Under the heading “Stranded Climbers,” write the numbers from one to ten and the coordinates of each point you have noted on your own map. Then, under a second heading “Rescued climbers,” write the numbers from one to ten. This is where you will record the coordinates of the locations your opponent has placed on his or her map after you guess them correctly. Take a few minutes now to complete these tasks.” Give students a few minutes to complete these tasks, circulating to ensure understanding and correct recording of coordinates.

2. Now, start the game with the following instructions:

“Now you are ready to start. Here’s how to play the game. You and your opponent take turns guessing coordinates of latitude and longitude. Remember, you must state them correctly and in the correct order. If the coordinates you guess are not within 5 minutes of a stranded climber on your opponent’s map, he or she will give you the answer “Red.” If they are within 5 minutes, he or she will say “Yellow.” If you have located a climber within +/-1 minute, he or she will say “Green”. With each answer, use the appropriately coloured pen to put a dot on the coordinates you guessed. To get full marks for this activity, you must record the results of each guess in red, yellow and green. Once you receive a “green” answer, you then ask which number this climbing group is and record the coordinates under that number on your “rescued climbers” list. The winner is the person to get all ten coordinates first. When you have finished the game, attach your map and lined paper to your partner’s map and lined paper, and hand both in together.”

3 Assessment:

Circulate and give a mark out of ten for participation and
engagement. Cross-check the coordinates on the maps and sheets handed in, and give a
mark out of ten for correct coordinates. Give a mark out of five for map completion.