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Use sentences to answer each of the following questions with as much detail as possible.

1. What is latitude?

2. What is longitude?

3. What is the correct order in which to write coordinates?

4. Write a sample coordinate, including degrees, minutes and seconds, and the appropriate symbols:

5. What is the Prime Meridian?

6. What kind of information is shown on a topographic map?

7. What are contour lines and what do they show on a map?

8. What is elevation?

9. What is meant by the scale of a map?

10. How would you explain what this scale means: 1:100,000?

11. If you measured 3.6 cm on a 1:10,000 map, how far would that be in the real world?

12. If you travelled 5.72 km in the real world, how far would that be on a 1:10,000 map?