Grade levels: 8-12

Lesson Objective: The Learner Will Be Able To:
  1. demonstrate knowledge of earth processes
  2. create a model of earth processes
  3. apply knowledge to the Mount Logan area
  • Modelling Clay (as a cost-saving measure, there are good recipes for modelling clay, playdough or flour paste on the internet, and you can add food colouring for different colours.
  • Cardboard bases
  • Computers with internet access
  • pens
  • paper
Lesson Process:

1. First, students visit the website and read the information contained in both “Moving Mountains” section.

2. Using the knowledge they have gained in this unit and the information from the website, they then work in partners to create models of the Yakutat Block and the subduction and uplift which is affecting Southeast Alaska and the Yukon.

3. To accompany their model, they must write a detailed description how what they have learned in this unit applies to the model they have made.

4. Display the models in a prominent location, along with the write-ups. It is best if other students and teachers can view the projects and discuss them with the students.

5. For students who finish early, allow them to surf the internet looking for more models and information about the earth processes they have been studying. There is a wealth of interesting sites about plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, and earth science in general. Also, see the site for some interesting games built using terms and information from Earth Science.