First Nations – Traditional Knowledge

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This sheet is designed to help you take notes about the First Nations who traditionally lived in the area of Mount Logan. Use it with “Traditional Knowledge” section of the Mount Logan website. Answer all questions as fully as you can, and include any other information you find in the “other notes” section at the end.

1. Relationship of the people with the Land, Animals and Natural World

a. Describe the basic ideas of First Nations spirituality as it is written in this section of the website:

b. What has to be in balance for good lives to be led?

c. What happens if the balance is upset?

2. Traditional Technology

a. All parts of an animal were used for something. What were the following parts used for? How were they prepared or changed?

ii. antlers:

iii. tanned hides:

iv. raw hides:

v. intestine or bladder:

b. Rock, minerals and copper were used by the people for various reasons. Find out what the following were used for, as much as you can, and describe any properties listed:

ii. flint:

iii. copper:

c. Describe the position of First Nations in the Kluane region in terms of trade:

3. How was traditional technology used in everyday life of the Southern Tutchone people?

a. For what reasons have the development of technology and innovation been so important for the survival of the First Nations people in the Kluane region?

b. Describe the sheep hunt scenario from the website as fully as you can in your own words:

c. How did the hunters show their deep knowledge of Dall sheep habits in the hunt?

d. How did this knowledge and the hunting methods used let them catch more sheep than using another method?

e. Describe the materials used for the hunters’ weapons and for the snares:

f. Why did the people dry and smoke most of the meat instead of eating it right away?

g. How are the different parts of the sheep used?

4. Seasonal Travel

a. What is a “nomadic lifestyle”?

b. Describe how the people in the Mount Logan area travelled around the land:

c. What is a “cache”? How did the people use the caches to make a nomadic lifestyle easier?

d. What are some reasons that a family group would join up with or visit another family?

5. Food and Shelter

a. Describe what happened during the following seasons:

ii. spring and summer:

iii. fall:

b. Describe the brush camp shelters of the Kluane people:

c. What were the important factors in house construction?

6. Relationship of Place Names and People

a. Describe how and why places are given names by the Kluane people:

b. Why are descriptive place names used? How does that relate to describing to someone where they have to go?