1. In which year was Mount Logan first officially climbed?

a. 1925

b. 1935

c. 1945

d. 1992

2. How much did the Duke of Abruzzi’s tent, oilcloth, and protective floor rug weigh all together?

a. 22 lbs

b. 33 lbs

c. 55 lbs

d. 88 lbs

3. How many climbers made up the team during the 1925 ascent of Mount Logan?

a. 8

b. 10

c. 12

d. 14

4. After leaving Seattle, Washington on May 2nd, 1925 to sail to Alaska and begin the journey, when did the MacCarthy’s climbers actually set foot on the summit of Mount Logan?

a. May 25th , 1925

b. June 4th, 1925

c. June 15th, 1925

d. June 23rd, 1925

5. Which accident occurred during the descent of the 1925 climb?

a. an avalanche buried two climbers

b. a climber fell into a crevasse

c. a climber walked straight off the edge of a cliff

d. a serrac collapsed, burying two climbers

6. Why can’t modern climbers climb Mount Logan after June?

a. The 24 hour sunlight is too intense for climbing.

b. It is impossible to get a climbing permit for July or August.

c. The oxygen content of the air is lower in the summer months.

d. The snow is too wet for ski planes to safely land on the glaciers.

7. What does GPS stand for?

a. geo-pulmonary standard

b. global positioning system

c. global percussive syndrome

d. Garney-Peterson Society

8. Which of the following is NOT part of the process to register a modern climb of Mount Logan with Parks Canada?

a. showing that you have the knowledge and equipment for self-rescue

b. including an itinerary of the trip, which includes the air carrier, radio communication, and list of equipment.

c. each member must pass a fitness and medical test conducted by an approved physician

d. each member must sign a waiver and complete an application.

9. Which of the following is NOT a phenomenon of high-altitude climbing?

a. pulmonary edema

b. poor decision-making skills

c. hallucinations

d. anaphylactic shock

10. What were two scientific objectives for the climb of Mount Logan in 1992?

a. correct altitude and rate of uplift

b. effect of high altitude on heartrate and lung capacity.

c. geological survey and climate report

d. ice core samples and air pollution study

11. What was the hallucination experienced by MacCarthy near the summit during the 1925 climb of Mount Logan?

a. he came face-to-face with an image of himself, surrounded by a rainbow.

b. he saw a hummingbird hovering before him, even though they were almost 5000 m above sea level.

c. he saw an 'oasis' of fresh, delicious food

d. he saw the teammate who had to descend the mountain, standing in front of him two days later.

12. Which mountain in the St. Elias range was the Duke of Abruzzi the first to ascend?

a. Mt. Logan

b. Mt. St. Elias

c. Mount Lucania

d. Mount Vancouver

13. In which country was the Duke of Abruzzi born?

a. France

b. Italy

c. Spain

d. Germany

14. How tall is Mount Saint Elias?

a. 4598 m

b. 5489 m

c. 4589 m

d. 5959 m

15. Which nation’s flag was the first to be planted on the summit of Mount Saint Elias?

a. U.S.A.

b. Canada

c. Germany

d. Italy