1. Which tools of the Southern Tutchone people were NOT made of antler?

a. spoons

b. snowshoes

c. needles

d. knives

2. Approximately how long ago did the ancestors of First Nations peoples cross the Bering Land Bridge?

a. 5,000 years ago

b. 10,000 years ago

c. 12,000 years ago

d. 15,000 years ago

3. "A Si Keyi" means Grandfathers' Country in which language?

a. Southern Tutchone

b. Kaska

c. Northern Tutchone

d. Upper Tanana

4. What was obsidian used for by First Nations people?

a. Artwork on baskets, hides and bodies.

b. Arrow tips, spear heads and knives.

c. Energy food for long travel days.

d. Making fire

5. What kind of wood was used for spear and arrow shaft making?

a. pine

b. spruce

c. willow

d. birch

6. To make fire, the First Nations people in the Kluane area used?

a. matches

b. obsidian

c. flint

d. copper

7. Which of the following was NOT a traditional form of transportation for First Nations in the Kluane area?

a. dogsled

b. boat

c. snowshoe

d. kayak

8. Among the First Nations living in the Kluane area, storage containers were often made from:

a. birch bark and spruce roots

b. birch roots and spruce bark

c. cedar bark and pine roots

d. cedar roots and pine bark