Story of the Rock People
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Story Joe Johnson

There is a story up here at Amphitheatre (mountain) just up by the Burwash Uplands and they say the Rock people live in there. Where that story started was there was some people hunting at the Donjek and years ago there was hardly any moose. This guy he crippled a moose he was following it, I guess up to Weed Creek across Donjek where ever he got it but he was following this moose, he was crippled so he knew he was going to get the moose.

When he caught up to the moose there was a man standing there with long black hair standing beside the moose. (The man said,) "you got my moose, that moose belongs to me because I crippled him." And that guy says "no way I killed him so it belongs to me." And they didn’t know. So this guy (with the long black hair) was so strong he grabbed the moose and started dragging him, so this other Indian grabbed the hind legs and he was pulling back on it. But that guy was so powerful that he walked and walked, he walked right up to Amphitheatre which is just up here.

It’s just like a door the whole thing opened up and he dragged him right in there right inside the mountain. And inside that mountain there was people Rock people they all had black hair you didn’t see any old people there. And it seemed like he only stayed there a very short time, but he stayed there about six months. And when they finally let him go to go back to his people and he went back there, there was nobody around. I guess they had left. And when he finally found his people they looked at him and asked , "where had you been?" So he told them I’ve been staying at Amphitheatre with the Rock people and how they have treated him good.

And stories like that, that was told to people and your starting to get stories like that about the land and at a very young age. Modern day people, it’s hard for them to believe in what we believe in like spiritual and stuff like that because they were not brought up that way. And that’s how people live in harmony with their spirit and their being on this world.