Story of the Hawk Brothers
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Story Joe Johnson

There are a lot of legends that I was told long ago. When animals spoke like native people or Indian person. There was animals always talking, there was four brothers four or five these were birds there were hawks like goshawks, red feathered hawks. They put a whole bunch of animals at Jacquot Island over there, which is over there. And they put moose on there, a bunch of moose on there, sheep, goats and they were just going to leave them on the island so they could get fat. And they came to the island in the fall when everything got fat.

Here other people which were birds killed their moose what ever they called a moose, they ate up everything those guys had on their island, so they got mad. They dressed up in their war gear, years ago when they used to fight they used to put copper on, their knife used to stick out here both sides strapped on like when they hit someone they could cut them or kill them and also had something in their hand. So they went over there and got into a fight with those guys and killed them all off they were so bad that they ate up all their moose and whatever they had on the island. They got scared, they didn’t want no one to find them, they were going to get killed themselves. So they left there and went up to the Donjek and they stayed around the mouth of Arch Creek. One of them was young hawk, young person I guess he was still playing around so he must be pretty young. And they said they called it (Zil) they make a ball, a ball in my language is zil They made it with willows and that guy always playing around with that, and they always tell him don’t go near a river with that ball , if that ball float away someone down stream is gonna find it, and they know that we are up here. So as time pasts sure enough that kid lost the ball while he was playing around the river and someone down the Donjek River found it, and they said uh oh they found Zil they found the ball and they said somebody is up stream. Somebody is staying up stream, let’s go check it out. So two Indian doctors and their spirit the older of the bunch. A couple days later he said well I could feel they are coming for us all you guys get ready we are going to have to fight these guys. And sure enough when those guys came they started fighting, they went right through clean through killing them off. And one by one they got killed. And all five or four of them all died. They all got killed they were all birds all hawks.

And today the monuments of those five hawks are still at the mouth of Donjek. Donjek is a big river with five rock pillars sticking right up, not in a bunch there is a pillar there and there. Five of them sticking up all over, sticking right out of the gravel. And I was told those were the people that got killed were the hawks that died there. And that rock is the marker and people used that marker years ago according to my dad, to use that marker they crossed the Donjek River you know where they are crossing. Then you get a stranger come along you tell them where to cross you tell them by the pillars they go across there.