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This project would not have been possible without the assistance and support of....

Manitoba Association for Computing Educators

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library Board of Directors and Volunteers

St. John's-Ravenscourt - Vernice Shust, Duncan Hossack, and Gillian Norgate and her Grade 2 Students

Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate - Linda Connor, Janet Gould & Judy Doctoroff and the Grade 11 Students

Ecole Leila North School - Peter Obendoerfer and the Grade 8 Students

Nordale School - Sheila Cooper-Simon, Kristen Flizak & Cathy-Ann Winters and the Grade 6 Students

Oak Bluff Community School - Diane Trudeau, Tricia Thompson, Barbara Henderson-Cox & Donna Slobodzian and the Grades 1-3 Students

Ecole River Heights School - Anne-Marie Dooner and the Grade 7 Students

West Kildonan Collegiate Institute - Tom Schmidt, Paul Stewart and the Senior 3 Canadian History Students

Mary Birt
Mary Carstens
Stephanie Cooper
Andrea Earl
Dot From
Anne Gilmer
Judy Girard
Carol Kaye
Simone Kornmayer
Delza Longman
Andrew McMillan
Valerie Olsen
Ernie Reichert
Susan Styrchak