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Musée du Fjord

The Musée du
Fjord team

General Manager :
Guylaine Simard

Director of exhibitions
and education :

Myriam Coulombe

Research and writing :
Leydiane Tremblay,
Véronique Gagné

Graphic designer :
Jean Tremblay

Special thanks to

Canadian Sea Turtle Network
Edward L. Bousfield
Emmanuelle Bergeron, scientific journalist
The group for research for cetaceans
The group for research and education on marine mammals
Institute of Ocean Sciences (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) Sidney, BC
Jeffrey Gallant, Groupe d'étude sur les élasmobranches et le requin du Groenland
Kristin Laidre
Marie-Claude Blackburn, language editor
Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune du Québec
The Maritime Museum of British Columbia team
Nature 3M
Nelson Cazeils
Pat Trask, Courtenay Museum B.C.
Paul Leblond
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Réseau d'observation de mammifères marins
The Rooms Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador, Provincial Museum Division team
Canadian Shark Research Laboratory

The Musée du Fjord gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this online presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada