Category: Chordophone

Organological denomination: Harp-zither

Origin: Gabon

Place of acquisition: Gabon

Ethnic group: Fang

Vernacular name: Mvet

Données descriptives: Four strips are peeled off the instrument's body which is constituted of the leafstalk of a raphia-palm, and maintained detached by a bridge wedged at a right angle to the instrument's body. This bridge also determins the height of suspension of 8 strips. Three calabash resonators are fixated to the body of the instrument: two at each end and one at the middle.

Body: Long.: 97,5cm / Ø: 2,3cm
Resonators: Ø: 6,5cm / 8,2cm /13cm

Function and usage: Accompanies epic poetry and sung legends.

Collector and LRMM entry condition: Collected by Marie-Thérèse Lefebvre during a mission inGabon in 1986and donated to the LRMM in 1989.

Possessor number: MTL.7

Inventory number: D-89.1.7

Photo: L.Bouvrette


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