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Financial Support

Gallery TPW gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this online presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

Project Participants

Anna Bowness

Anna Bowness is a writer and editor living in Toronto. She is an associate editor of Spacing magazine (, and was editor of Broken Pencil magazine from 2004-2006.

Michelle Kasprzak

Michelle Kasprzak is an artist, writer and curator. Since winning the InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre Emerging Electronic Artist award early in her career, Kasprzak has proceeded to exhibit her work across North America and Europe. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and on radio and television broadcasts syndicated worldwide. She co-curated a year-long programme of video art on a public video billboard in Toronto, Canada, and participated in NIFCA's curatorial research residency in Helsinki, Finland. She was awarded a Master's degree in Visual and Media Arts from the Université du Québec á Montréal in Spring of 2006. Kasprzak is currently based in Edinburgh, and is the Programmes Director of New Media Scotland ( She maintains a web presence at Michelle also has an arts-focused weblog at: and a weblog focused on information, opinions, and interviews about curating contemporary art at:

Web Curator and Concept Development:
Michael Alstad

Michael Alstad is a Toronto based artist and curator working in installation and digital media. He is a founding member of the Canadian artist collectives Year Zero One ( and Symbiosis. Michael has coordinated several site-specific/locative media projects in Toronto including The Clinic, The Bank of Symbiosis, The Hoarding Project, the Transmedia video billboard exhibitions, Teletaxi and Geostash. His web/video/installation works have been included in many international media arts festivals, galleries and online exhibitions.

Shawn Micallef

Shawn Micallef lives in Toronto and writes the Stroll Column in Eye Weekly. He has also written for publications such as The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Maisonneuve and Broken Pencil and contributed to uTOpia: Towards a New Toronto, an anthology of writing on Toronto. He is an editor at Spacing Magazine ( and while a resident at the Canadian Film Centre's Habitat new media lab he co-founded the location-based mobile phone documentary project [murmur] ( For fun, he and some friends created the Toronto Psychogeography Society, a group of fláneurs who drift through and explore Toronto, sometimes living to blog about it (

Design and Web Production:
RedGreenBlue New Media Design Group

RedGreenBlue ( is a Toronto based New Media Design Group made up of three principals, David Meurer, Mark Bondyra, and Lucas Mulder. RGB specializes in building interactive applications and content management tools for cultural and educational organizations.

Maryvon Delanoe

Project Administration:

Gary Hall, Executive Director, Gallery TPW
Kim Simon, Director of Programming, Gallery TPW
Garry Conway, Culture Connection

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