Céilidh air Cheap Breatunn

Creator(s): Highland Village Museum/An Clachan Gàidhealach

The Gaelic culture of Cape Breton has a legacy that goes back thousands of years. Gaelic-speaking Scottish Highlanders began coming to the island's shores more than two hundred years ago. To this day, the ages-old Gaelic culture rings strong and true. In fact, regarding instrumental music and dance, the Gaels of Cape Breton have preserved older cultural forms that have been lost in Scotland. The Gaelic culture was passed down generations through storytelling, song, music and dance in traditional get-togethers like a céilidh; the nearest translation for céilidh from Gaelic is 'a house-visit'. Through this site, we invite you to "céilidh" our Cape Breton Gaelic culture and explore our song, dance, music and storytelling traditions.

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