The St. Lawrence Iroquoians

Creator(s): Droulers/Tsiionhiakwatha Archaeological Site Interpretation Center

At Saint-Anicet flows the La Guerre river, its meanders along which the St.Lawrence Iroquoians came to establish their villages long before the Europeans arrived. Recent archaeological research in the Upper St. Lawrence has identified numerous sites on which their characteristic longhouses were built.

The most important event marking the history of eastern Canada before the arrival of Samuel de Champlain was the disappearance of the St. Lawrence Iroquoians. What happened to them? There are many hypotheses, but the disappearance of these peoples remains enigmatic for archaeologists and historians.

These nations may have disappeared, but they left behind indelible traces of their presence in the St. Lawrence Valley. Based on major archaeological discoveries made on the Droulers site, the story of these Iroquoian people is recounted here.

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