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Restoration of Lester-Garland House
Location: Lester-Garland House Site

Archaeology technicians at work at the Lester-Garland House.
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Taking a Measurement at the beginning of the Archaeology in 1995.
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Making the excavation safe
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Preparing for the excavation
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Archaeology.The exterior of the south wall.
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The floor of the old Lester-Garland House
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Archaeology. The southern end wall is partially down to make the structure safe.
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Archaeology in the corner of the Living Room.
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The interior foundation of the Lester-Garland House excavation
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Archaeology. The 'safe' portion of the south wall.
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Archaeology. Interior of the house, showing the south-east corner.
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Archaeology. General Scene
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Archaeology. Digging along the rear wall in October/ November, 1995.
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The north wall of the Lester-Garland House excavation
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Archaeology. The interior of the north wall and the fireplace in the Dining Room.
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Archaeology. Views of the interior north wall.
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The chimney in the Lester-Garland House Excavation
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The north side drain of the Lester-Garland House Excavation
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