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Bruce Aikenhead: A Canadian Space Pioneer

Bruce Aikenhead: A Canadian Space Pioneer; a Youth Film Project of the Okanagan Science Centre, 2013
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Aikenhead's parents, Claire and Harold
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Aikenhead as a toddler, playing at a local park
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Aikenhead with his father, Harold
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Aikenhead (on left) with his sister Audrey, on the porch of their grandparents' home
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Aikenhead with his father, Harold, and grandfather, Albert, in his grandparents' backyard
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Aikenhead's recollection of viewing the Graf Zeppelin with his father in 1929
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Aikenhead recalls seeing the Graf Zeppelin as a child
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One of many stamps collected by Aikenhead's father commemorating the Graf Zeppelin's voyage
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Aikenhead describes his time at Westdale Technical School in Hamilton, Ontario
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Aikenhead listening to Morse Code during a lesson at London South Collegiate Institute (High School)
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Aikenhead (middle row, second from right) in the 'Radio Fundamentals and Servicing' course
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Aikenhead enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in World War II
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Aikenhead in his military uniform
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Aikenhead's sketch of Beaufighter RDF installation
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Map of Aikenhead's military travels in World War II, 1943-1945
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Aikenhead describes his work as a RDF/RADAR technician in WW2 in Britain and India
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University of Western Ontario at the time of Aikenhead's graduation
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