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The Leightons' Artistic Legacy

"New Life in the Schoolhouse"-The Albertan, Author: Elizabeth Pike
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Barbara Leighton in the One Room Schoolhouse at the Leighton Art Centre
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A Batik Textile Created by Barbara Leighton in the First Class she Taught at the Leighton Art Centre
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Barbara Leighton's Glasses and Magnifing Glass
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Handmade Metal Buttons Believed to Have Been Created by Barbara Leighton
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The Interior of the One Room Schoolhouse, now the Leighton Art Centre
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A Dress Hand Dyed and Sewn by Barbara Leighton
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Block Used to Decorate Barbara's Coat
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Block Used to Decorate Barbara's Coat
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Barbara Leighton's Coat, Decorated Using Block and Fabric Printing Techniques
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Barbara Leighton Forming a Pinch Pot, a Craft Taught at the Education Centre
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Barbara Leighton Pit Firing Pottery
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Leighton Art Centre Flyer
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Expansion Starts, the Weaving Building is Added to the Leighton Art Centre
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Addition of the Pottery Building to the Leighton Art Centre
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"Picturesque Arts Setting"-The Albertan, Author: Linda Curtis
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Barbara Leighton Inspecting Crafts at the One Room Schoolhouse
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Barbara Leighton Teaching Tie Dye
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