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Parry Sound Centennial Time Capsule Digital Scrapbook
West Parry Sound District Museum
Parry Sound , Ontario


   The modules were buried
by the West Parry Sound
District Museum with a large
monument to mark its
location. When the time
capsule is opened on April
23, 2087 all artifacts
contained within will be
donated to the West Parry
Sound District Museum.

   This digital scrap book
honours the 25 year
anniversary of the Time
Capsule and is an opportunity
for the community to
reconnect with the project.
The scrapbook encapsulates
the memories of those that
created the Parry Sound Time
Capsule, much like the Time

Capsule captured the culture
of 1987; let's open it.

   The West Parry Sound
District Museum would like to
thank Ray Pavlove for
donating his scrapbook filled
with photographs and
newspaper clippings that
served as the foundation of
this project. We would also
like to thank the Community

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