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We Remember: Gaspesian Youth Explore their Military Heritage
Bay Chaleur Military Museum
New Richmond , Quebec


line before returning to the
classroom to present the
artefact's story to the
class. The artefact's story,
as the museum knows it, was
shared at this time. From
this introductory exercise
students learned that every
artefact has a story, and in
most cases many different

stories can be told from a
single object. Students were
then challenged to find a
military treasure of their
own from home (or a friend's
or neighbour's home) to bring
into class for a show and
tell. The project was
enthusiastically received by
students, teachers, and the

community at large and many
different artefacts, or
treasures, and their
associated stories of the
community were shared.
   Two storylines exploring
the theme "Honouring our
Fallen Soldiers" have also
been developed in conjunction
with New Richmond High

School's Language Arts Grade
5/6 and 7/8 classes. This
project included both a
sample of written and
artistic work. To prepare and
inspire students to create
these written and artistic
works, the Bay Chaleur
Military Museum brought the
individual stories of several

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