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We Remember: Gaspesian Youth Explore their Military Heritage
Bay Chaleur Military Museum
New Richmond , Quebec


local soldiers who died in
service to the classroom
(including a number of
related artefacts). During
this in-class visit, poetry
and music honouring fallen
soldiers were also shared as
examples. Each student in the
Grade 5/6 class was assigned
a fallen soldier to research

and they then composed a
letter to that individual's
family. The Grade 7/8 class
worked on a poetry unit and
each student was challenged
to create three poems
exploring the theme of
remembrance and fallen
   This exhibit brings to

life many community stories
and the school projects it
entailed were the highlight
of the fall for many

   This exhibit owes a
sincere debt of gratitude to
the teachers who took part in
the project, allowing the use
of their class time and the
work and dedication put into
developing units around the
project. Most notably thanks
must be given to Natalie

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