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We Remember: Gaspesian Youth Explore their Military Heritage
Bay Chaleur Military Museum
New Richmond , Quebec


Hardy (Language Arts Teacher
at New Richmond High School)
and Gordon Dell (History
Teacher at New Richmond High
School). Thanks must also be
extended to Lewis Evans
(Language Arts Teacher at
Bonaventure Polyvalent) whose
senior secondary classes also

   Finally, the exhibit
could not have been developed
without the support of Philip
Doddridge, a local veteran of
Hong Kong and the Second
World War, who assisted in
all of the school visits at
the museum and spoke with a
number of individual classes
helping to introduce the

themes. The exhibit and the
museum itself owe Phil more
than we can ever express.
   The exhibit was
conceived, ran, and developed
by Rachel Dell, curator of
the Bay Chaleur Military

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