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Along the Line: the Kettle Valley Railway as a Community Link

Snowbanks on the Kettle Valley Line
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The KVR crew at Carmi Subdivision
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KVR passenger train at Mile 87.9, Canyon Creek, Myra Canyon
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KVR passenger train heading east at Kettle Valley, next stop Midway
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Waiting for the train on the Midway Station platform
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Kettle Valley Store, just a stone's throw from the KVR station
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Visiting the Kettle Valley Store
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Fetching mailbags for the Kettle Valley Store post office
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Distant view of the water tower at Midway Station
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Victoria Pawsey of Kettle Valley
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An outing along the line
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Lumber from Boundary Sawmills could be shipped by rail
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Hauling logs to the banks of the Kettle River for the annual log drive
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The log drive would begin with the spring flood
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Log drive on the Kettle River
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Teacher and students of Midway School
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Crossing the high trestles of the KVR could be unnerving for passengers
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Everything came on the railway
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