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Restoration of the Doucet House - Phase 1

New pine beams replace the original beams which sat on the front wall.
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The sandstone fireplace will be constructed here.  Note the concrete bearing pad (base).
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A view of the shelter barn.
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The building of the sandstone fireplace.
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The building of the sandstone fireplace.
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A view of the sandstone chimney as it comes through the second floor.
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The sandstone fireplace protrudes from the roof of the house approximately 3 feet.
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The roof is sheathed with hand split cedar shingles.
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A close picture of the hand split cedar shingles on the roof of the Doucet House.
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A photo of a new interior door (a reproduction) on the left next to an original Acadian door.
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A table saw sits in the middle of the main floor of the house.
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Reproduction of cabinet.
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A steep wooden ladder leads to the second floor.
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The trim work around the interior doors of the Doucet House is very functional.
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A picture showing the interior door leading to the large bedroom.
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The sandstone foundation for the small barn which will be built adjacent to the Doucet House.
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The wooden windows were constructed by a local woodworker (Kenny Stewart of R.W. Woodworking).
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The front left side of the house.
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