Farmers' Bank of Rustico
Hunter River, Prince Edward Island

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Restoration of the Doucet House - Phase 1

The foundation of the house.
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Interior door.
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Small barn, built using the dovetail technique.
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Small barn next to the Doucet House.
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The small barn uses the dovetail construction technique.
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A view of the front of the house partially obscured by the shelter barn.
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A view of the gable end and an upstairs window.
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Pine board wall used to seperate rooms in the house.
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Many logs used to build the house were so rotten they needed to be replaced.
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The unveiling of the house.
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The shelter barn roof is completely removed revealing the Doucet House to the daylight.
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A view from inside the Farmers' Bank located adjacent to the Doucet House.
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Another small barn being built to accompany the Doucet House.
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Electrical service to the Doucet House is concealed below ground.
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Two small sheds are built to the period and sit next to the Doucet House.
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The front of the small log barn being built next to the Doucet House.
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The roof of the small log barn is framed with logs.
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Example of the chinking used between the logs of early log homes.
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