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Restoration of Lester-Garland House

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Remains of Front (East) Wall
Remains of rear (west) wall.
Right-hand interior southern wall removed.
Ryder's Hill
Sail Loft
Salt Store
Severs, Ms. Bunty, Member, Trinity Historical Society
Ship at Government Wharf
Sir Anthony Goodenough, British High Commissioner to Canada
Site of the main Lester Premises in 1762 and of the wooden house.
Skanes, Mr. Roy, Project Archaeologist
South Wall
Southwest Arm, Trinity, Newfoundland
Spurrell, Mr. Gerald, Vice President, Trinity Historical Society
St. Paul's High School
St. Paul's, Church of England
The 'old Garland Hotel'. Owned, in 2001 by Mr. Gerald Lockyer of USA.
The area of the wooden kitchen that was once attached to the House
The Brick Hearth

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