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Virtual Battlefield: The Museum and Its Community

The privy from the original Nash Jackson house property was moved to Battlefield Park.
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The privy at its original location, on the Nash Jackson property at King Street and Nash Road.
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The privy at its new location in Battlefield Park.
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Take a look at these cars!
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Hugo Van Zwol shows a group of school children how to operate the spinning wheel.
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Hugo Van Zwol cards wool during an educational programme.
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Hugo Van Zwol, master weaver and spinner, sharing his knowledge with staff and volunteers.
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A bronze statue of local hero Billy Green created by sculptor Ralph Sketch.
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Voice of Hugo Van Zwol, a dedicated volunteer for over 20 years at Battlefield House Museum.
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Song written about the Battle of Stoney Creek, written by Woody Lambe, performed by the Lowlanders.
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Jon Jouppien's analysis of the Nash Jackson House.
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Jon Jouppien describes his work doing paint analysis in the Nash Jackson House.
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Jon Jouppien's analysis of the Nash Jackson House.
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Jon Jouppien talks about Neoclassical social life and the use of the parlour.
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Volunteer Pat Mewse talks about why she enjoys being a volunteer at Battlefield House.
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Russell Mewse talking about his portrayal of a 19th century doctor at Battlefield House Museum.
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An exhibit in Battlefield House Museum in the early 1960s.
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A group of volunteers after a dramatic recreation of the American occupation of the Gage House.
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