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Benvoulin Church: A Building That Reflects Its Community

Kelowna Heritage Inventory form on the Benvoulin Heritage Church
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Cynthia Ellis accepting Mary Bull's donation towards the church restoration
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Ink drawing of Benvoulin Heritage Church by Mary Bull
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Appeal to community to donate to the Benvoulin Church restoration project
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Acoustics Soiree fundraiser held to raise money for the Benvoulin Church restoration
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Katimavik youth excavating the Benvoulin Church's old foundations
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West facade of Benvoulin Church has been repaired and repainted
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South facade of Benvoulin Church in the process of being repaired and repainted
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East facade of Benovulin Church has been repaired and repainted
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North facade of Benvoulin Church prior to repair and new paint
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New cedar shake roof on the Benvoulin Church
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Removing the 1950s tower on the Benvoulin Church
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Installation of the new steeple on the new Benvoulin Church tower
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Installation of steeple on the replicated tower of the Benvoulin Church
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Removal of the exterior chimney located on the west facade of the Benvoulin Church
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Benvoulin Church after chimney was removed from the west facade
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Drilling for new well for the Benvoulin Church site
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Removing the plaster on the interior walls of the Benvoulin Church
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