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The United Empire Loyalists of Remsheg; refugees from the American Revolution.

Loyalist scene in Nicolson's stone house on Gulf Shore. Reading the Bible, baking, carding spinning.
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View of the head of the Bay of Fundy looking south from Fort Cumberland near Amherst
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Document of claim for losses, suffered by Loyalist Charles Vincent witnessed by Col. Delancy
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Section of 1848 Navigation Chart done by Captain James Cook and others.
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A section of an 1848 Chart showing Wallace and Fanningboro, drawn and constructed by Cook and others
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Loyalist display, summer 2008, Wallace and Area Museum.
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Town Crier from Amherst greeting those attending the Loyalist reunion June 29, 2008.
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Negotiations for Peace
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Story of the Loyalist arrival 1783
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Signature of Lt. Governor James Parr on original Remsheg Grant Document, date July 1st 1785
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Charles Baker signature from Fanningboro survey document 1784
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Amos Grant and Jim Reeves ploting the lines of the 1783  Remsheg grant
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White post shows site for Remsheg Grant corner marker of the 20 thousand three hundred acre property
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On left Graham Brown, son of Harry Brown, decendant writer. On right Carl Demings Historical Society
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Amos Grant mapping the Remsheg Loyalist grant.
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A modern day quest
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Loyalist reinactor soldiers in training excercise.
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Historical Society unveiling a monument and dedication for Pioneers of Wallace Bay, 1964
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